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Phoenix Used Boats

Have you ever dreamed of owning your own boat? Not only does owning a boat give you the freedom to explore, but you can spend quality time on the water with friends and family like never before. At Valley Marine, we are dedicated to helping you find the perfect used boat, and we back up your purchase by offering a complete line of accessories and services.

Valley Marine has been the most trusted Phoenix used boat dealer for more than 50 years, and it’s a proud tradition we carry on today. Whether you’re looking to buy a used boat, new boat, boat motor, boat trailer, or boat accessories, we have everything you’re looking for at the best prices in the region.

As the oldest operating marine dealer and service facility in Arizona, you can rest assured that our customer care is second to none. Every Phoenix used boat we sell is of the highest quality, and comes with a one year warranty that protects the integrity of your investment.

We want you to get unlimited enjoyment out of your used boat, and will help you accessorize it in any way you like. With the largest selection of used boats in the valley, you will have no trouble finding the perfect watercraft for whatever sport or hobby you enjoy.

“Thank You for your business and continued support throughout these past 50 years, Arizona!”
– Gene Walentiny, Owner of Valley Marine

Phoenix Used Boats

  • We have the largest selection of used boats in Phoenix
  • All of our Phoenix used boats have been thoroughly checked to ensure their reliability
  • We back up every boat purchase with a one year warranty
  • Our Certified Mechanics will keep your boat serviced to ensure its ongoing performance
  • Award-winning service and unmatched customer satisfaction is how we’ve stayed in business for more than five decades

How many local Phoenix businesses can you name that have kept their doors open for 50 years? If you’re in the market for a used boat, put your trust in the reliability of Valley Marine. When it comes to your boat, you should never take any chances, so come on by and let us help you find a reliable boat that will keep you safe and secure every time you venture out on the water.

What kind of Phoenix used boat are you looking for?

No matter what type of boat you’re in the market for, we can help you find it. Every used boat we sell undergoes a vigorous inspection to ensure its reliability. What follows is a brief rundown of just some of the used boat styles we frequently have in stock.

Used Phoenix pleasure boats

What qualifies as a pleasure boat? The definition may be broad, but these boats are usually owned by casual enthusiasts who just want to spend some enjoyable time on the water whenever they have the chance. Obviously, everyone derives pleasure from different activities, so one person’s definition of what makes a pleasure boat may be different from another’s.

Phoenix Used Boats

We can help you find a pleasure boat designed for you and a friend, your whole family, or even a “boat-load” of friends. If you would like a boat with a cabin, we can help you find it. If you have a need for speed, we can help you choose a boat that will quench that thirst. If water sports are your thing, we can pair you with a Phoenix used boat that has that power and amenities you need most.

Used Phoenix pontoon boats

Pontoon boats aren’t built for speed, but they make it possible for large groups of people to enjoy endless hours of fun on the water. Not only do we often have pontoon boats in stock, we also have all of the add-ons you could want to customize your pontoon boat in whatever way you like.

Used Phoenix fishing boats

If you enjoy sportfishing, we have the perfect used boat for your species of choice. Low draft boats allow you access to shallow water where fish like to hide. Faster boats with longer ranges make it possible to go on longer fishing trips. Fishing boats with cabins allow you enjoy multi-day fishing trips to truly get away from the crowds where fishing pressure it minimized.

We often have a wide selection of used fishing boats to choose from, and we can help you accessorize your vessel so that you can enjoy comfort while on the water. If you’ve ever dreamed of owning your own fishing boat, Valley Marine is dedicated to making that dream come true.

Used Phoenix speed boats

If you think that a boat is only good when it’s travelling at top speed, we can help you find an affordable alternative to a new speed boat. We make sure that the used engines we sell are performing as intended, and we back up that performance with our one year warranty so you don’t have to worry about being stranded on the water.

We also carry a full line of Phoenix used boat equipment accessories

When you buy a used boat, you also need a variety of other items to get the most from your purchase. At Valley Marine, we have everything you need to stay safe, legal, and happy on the water. We also sell trailers to help transport your boat to your favorite lake or river. Just some of the equipment and accessories we sell include:

• Electrical
• Electronic
• Instruments and gauges
• Trailer lights
• Floatation devices
• Skis, boards, and towables
• Weather and swim gear
• Trailering equipment
• Fishing accessories
• Galley gear
• Ladders and chairs
• Safety equipment
• Anchors
• Boat covers
• Drain plugs and fittings
• And just about everything else

Browse our selection of used boats in Phoenix or contact us today for assistance

Are you ready to find your own used boat? For more than 50 years we’ve helped people just like you find the perfect boat for their lifestyle. We will do the same for you. Take a look at our large used boat selection and start dreaming of the endless enjoyment you’ll soon be having with friends and family as the captain of your own vessel.